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A deal?

My speculations on Touhou 14’s demo disc cover.



Some say that Reimu is happy enough when she receives a donation, she don’t mind the value. As long it’s a donation.

Note, this is a “shorten” form of the forthcoming interview session with Sakuya Izayoi.

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One fine day…

Remember, always take a break when playing a game. Not for you, but the machine to rest. Azusa is spaced out due being a spectator to them…

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or is it?…

Marisa proclaims that she's the fastest.

This is a long-time argument between Aya and Marisa on who is really the fastest. (more…)

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What happens when you mix them together?  (more…)

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I was away for two days with no Internet (yes, I’d survived that, lol) and before continuing with part four of Havoc and chaos, here’s something in-between.

Naughty Haruhi is naughty.

My my my… Will Haruhi gets away with it? (more…)

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