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Continuing from Toyohisa’s review…

The duel between men has started.

The duel between men has started.

It has begun… (more…)

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Finally, (one of) my long awaited figure, the mameshiki Remilia Scarlet from Liquid Stone.

Remilia: Your fate shall be speared.

Some will say why not get a nendo Remilia. For me personally, her nendo form lacks… that CHARISMA factor. Then again, that’s just me. (more…)

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One day, Marisa and Mami were discussing on something.

With Marisa tends to “borrow” weapons of others.

Question is, what ARE they planing? (more…)

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Today, Aya is interviewing two personae.

Mischievous as ever, her look.

Now who could they be. (more…)

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On a not-so special day, the two girls are having a friendly chat.

Mikuru is commenting about…

Looks like someone has been studying nendo-ology. (more…)

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