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Now for something a bit different and my figure ever figure for 2014 and my first SHF series, and this being from the Sailor Moon line. Sailor Mars, aka Rei Hino, the hot-blooded member among the sailor fighters.


Sitting precariously on her display stand

Since this my first ever SHF that I got myself, lets see how it fared up. (more…)

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The M1 Astray is the mass-produced version of the Astray line of mobile suits for the Gundam Seed.

After a long wait…

With that wait, the kit employs some of the more modern engineering for it’s build. (more…)

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Here’s something unexpected. A gatling gun kit from Kotobukiya.

Hoihoi-san with her new toy.

Looks like Hoihoi-san is more busier than normal. (more…)

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Finally got myself the HGUC Jesta kit, also, this will be my entry for B-Mecha’s MVP Figure’s Jesta Group build. This will be the ONLY W.I.P post for this kit. LOL.

She'll be assisting me on this.

Nothing like having a nuclear-powered assistant robot for the job. (am I afraid of the radiation? NOPE! My mobile phone emits more than her)  (more…)

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Rezin takes the newly promoted Sergeant-Major to a mock combat.

And who might be the "lucky" ones?...

Note: Bandai’s Act stage stands couldn’t support the HGUC Dreissen due to it’s weight, but not the heavy-duty Kotobukiya one. (more…)

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