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Every (magical) shrine maiden should have their own base of operation.

One peaceful day, near a flower shop.

One peaceful day, near a flower shop.

Sadly the closes set I can find for her is a flower shop, if not, a sushi bar. (more…)

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Finally, (one of) my long awaited figure, the mameshiki Remilia Scarlet from Liquid Stone.

Remilia: Your fate shall be speared.

Some will say why not get a nendo Remilia. For me personally, her nendo form lacks… that CHARISMA factor. Then again, that’s just me. (more…)

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Yes, the mis-spelling is intentional.

The invading army, defeated.

Zeheart and his squad chose the wrong day to invade… As today is CIRNO’S day, where all common logic is thrown out the window from the 9th floor. (more…)

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It was  a long weekend holiday so I’d decided in visiting Tsuki again and help him in doing some of the backlogs that he’d accumulated (lol).

A Dark Kabuto showing Tony his new way of greeting.

Guessed Tony should’ve look for someone more, cooperative… (more…)

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Was out on a short outstation trip before this.

Obviously my camera has no (optical) stabilization...

Also, some of my favourites tagged along. (more…)

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