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Finally, my first (maybe only) MG kit review, the MG Wing-01 Gundam, courtesy of GK Gundam Kit.

He has his sensor-lock on you.

This is a revision of the original 1/100 HG Wing-01 released in the mid 90’s with MG engineering and modern construction. The Wing-01 is a toned-down version of the monster called Wing-O, with no ZERO system installed and a battery/capacitor-based buster rifle.


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This is my second WI… on second though, scratch that. I’m not a person who likes to do WIP post. Unless it is a special case.

Completed MG Wing-01

All in all I could say the internal frame and overall structure is pretty solid. And no, I won’t be putting all the decals/seals on it. (more…)

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This will be the first (hopefully NOT the only) WIP post of my first ever MG that I’m building.

This kit was awarded by GK Gundam Kit from a contest that I’ve participated (credit goes to seven6398 for the invitation).

Torso 3/4 view right.

It has been quite some time since I’ve build a larger kit, and that was my PG 1/60 Wing Zero Custom. (more…)

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