From the Gunpla Build Fighter series and obviously planting the seeds of gunpla kit poisons interest, the Build Strike Full Package.


Dropping down, raining destruction from above.

It may look like the previous HG 1/144 Strike kit, but its’ quite different really. Continue Reading »


Happy New Year 2014

My first post of the year.

The year's opening message

The year’s opening message

Yeah… Expect some “oddities”, seriously.

Review- HGAC Wing-01

And now, finally, the moment that many Gundam Wing fans that has been waiting for… Finally, the successor to the Non-Grade 1/144 Wing-01, has been made.

Introducing, the HGAC Wing Gundam 01.


Dynamic entry pose.

So, after waiting for a good number of years, how is this kit is like?
One word: Awesome. Continue Reading »

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Back from a trip

Yeah, after period of inactivity due to non-online related things and some outstation trips.

Yes, I'm back.

Yes, I’m back.

First order of the day, get lunch. Continue Reading »

One day, Gai followed up a lead on some hidden weapons facility, deep underground.


Before the storm.

What sort of stash or otherwise awaits him… Continue Reading »