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It was a fine day until…

Uh oh...

Uh oh…

Looks like not so peaceful after all… (more…)

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With release of the demo disc of Touhou 14, which features Sakuya as the cover model, a certain fastest reporter is on the case.


Aya is pretty eager for this interview.

Let’s just Aya doesn’t stray in her questionings. (more…)

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Every (magical) shrine maiden should have their own base of operation.

One peaceful day, near a flower shop.

One peaceful day, near a flower shop.

Sadly the closes set I can find for her is a flower shop, if not, a sushi bar. (more…)

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Today, Aya is interviewing two personae.

Mischievous as ever, her look.

Now who could they be. (more…)

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Yes, the mis-spelling is intentional.

The invading army, defeated.

Zeheart and his squad chose the wrong day to invade… As today is CIRNO’S day, where all common logic is thrown out the window from the 9th floor. (more…)

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