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I was away for two days with no Internet (yes, I’d survived that, lol) and before continuing with part four of Havoc and chaos, here’s something in-between.

Naughty Haruhi is naughty.

My my my… Will Haruhi gets away with it? (more…)


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Guess what, my latest nendo just arrived and it’s…

Yes, its' Mio.

Yui was kind of lonely so… yeah…

And sort of adventure will she encounters?  (more…)

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After seeing the utterly funny Reaction Guys, why not I put that theme with a mecha/gunpla-styled spin. XD

Sorry, the image is very, very long so click the read more… orz


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Zengar: Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar~!

This is something you DON’T want to see first thing in the morning…  (more…)

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What do you know… It’s nearly a year since I’ve started this blog. With this in mind, the girls are discussing on what to do…

Haruhi does have a taste in "exotic" things...


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