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Got myself Revoltech Shimadu Toyohisa and boy, this guy is GREEEEEAT!

He's serious.

He’s serious.

Joy oh joy. (more…)


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Last we saw Mio and Marisa heading off o somewhere. But where?  (more…)

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Previously, Mio was “greeted” by a pair of masked… uh… somethings.

TK402 & TK221: GRUNTS~!
Me: Ah, right… =_=

Poor Mio...

Wonder who or what she’ll meet up next?… (more…)

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Like I’ve mentioned before, there’ll be an extension of my review of the MSG Mechanics Stand Base so here is.

Double the stand, double the fun.


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Previously, Setsuna had asked Zengar about an apprenticeship.  The major’s response is that Setsuna has to take up a series of challenges to prove his mete.


What sort of challenges that lies for him?
Will it be some madness or boredom?

As always, the omake section, (more…)

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