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Here it is, the HGUC Jesta from the Gundam Unicorn OVA. This unit will make its appearance in the up coming episode 4. And yes, the colour-scheme IS more to the darkish side (more suitable for urban-warfare). And yes, the Jesta is another derivitive of the RGM-89 Jegan mobile suit.

The Jesta, in KA-style pose.

As you can see, the basic design is similar to the Jegan series, sleek, utilitarian and purposeful. But this is reserved for elite units. (more…)

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Two of the most elegant ladies squaring of each other. Arcueid Brunestud, from Tsukihime and Yuuka Kazami, from Touhou Project. Note: Yuuka likes to have a light scuffle sometimes, hence her wink of appreciation.

Clash of elegence.

Actually, done this weeks before but forgot to post, neee. ^^;

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