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Yes, the mis-spelling is intentional.

The invading army, defeated.

Zeheart and his squad chose the wrong day to invade… As today is CIRNO’S day, where all common logic is thrown out the window from the 9th floor. (more…)

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Lets compare two distant cousins from the Astray series, the Astray Green Frame from 2003 and the M1 Astray from 2012.

Astray – Between the ages.

Special thanks to zeSnake, who managed to dug up (literally, from a pile) his old Green Frame kit. (more…)

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After a very crazy encounter…

A continuation from a previous post.

At least he’s happy. (more…)

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One (not so) peaceful day…

Zeheart and his commandos are....

Cornered. (more…)

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On one fine day, out of the blue, a lot of blues filling out the sky.

That's a lot of blues...

All the sudden, some dragons comes in and decided to “play”. (more…)

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