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Now it’s time for one of the huge MS units in the Unicorn series, the RX-160S Byarlant Custom.

The monster MS in the Unicorn episode 4.

The monster MS in the Unicorn episode 4.

This, by far, one of the more unique non-Zeon MS design. (more…)

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And now, the outcome for my Ambush scene poll.

Stohl jumps onto the grunt team's location.

Did he nailed them? (more…)

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Greetings. Here’s the situation, you are tasked in choosing the outcome of this event. With so, a poll will be opened for seven days. So choose wisely.

Stolh: Urban warfare... I prefer outer colony combat.

No questions asked.

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A very amateurish attempt at doing a diorama. Using unmarked boxes.

TK-402: Get ready. They're coming.

Who’re they trying to ambush? (more…)

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Yes, we know that the default eye-piece for the Dreissen was a big disappointment (black piece of plastic with a red dot of a sticker for a mono-eye). So…

A movable eye.

Yes, my Dreissen’s eye can now traverse left and right.  (more…)

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