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One day on a smokey battlefield..

A lone blue MS…


What is this MS lurking for? (more…)

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Making it’s first debut in MS Gundam Unicorn OVA episode 1, the ReZEL (Refine Zeta Escort Leader) MS comes in several versions and the one in review here is the ReZEL  Commander type. And this MS is a transforming unit, so it can change into it’s MA mode for greater speed.

Coming out in a blazing speed.

Coming out in a blazing speed, the RGZ-95C.

The ReZEL in general is amalgamation of the Methuss, Jegan and Zeta designs all rolled into one efficient high-performance mass-produced package and avoiding the costly mistake done from the ReGZ design (hint: MA mode for the ReGZ can only used once). (more…)

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During the second period for the grunts’ class.


Norris Packard, ace in MS CQC tactics.

Well, hopefully the guys are ready for him. (more…)

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Continuing from the previous story.


The two exchanging some “friendly” banter.

Interesting? You bet. (more…)

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With Toyohisa just came, Tony had to do some minding.


Wonder what class is this.


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