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On one fine day…

Mio and Yui are having a short discussion.

Mio and Yui are having a short discussion.

Looks like they are planning a simple get together. (more…)

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Here’s one kit that beckons me to review. The MG-size Lv Bu from LoongOn/Loong On/Loongon, which is based from a character in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms saga.

Standing tall and mighty.

Now, most folks when they heard or think about China-based pla-kits they would relate to bootleg gunpla kits. Rest assure, this guy is an original design. (more…)

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This kit just screaming for to review him. Presenting, Lv Bu, from a pla-model company from China called Loongon.

In deep thought.

This kit has an interesting innerframe. (more…)

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And the Adele (TK-331) is finally meet the others.

Compare to the others, he is small.

The HG Adele is similar size to the older GM series. (more…)

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Yes, it’s time for yet another review from the AGE-series. This time it’ll be the HG AGE Adele.

The Ironman-like grunt.

Apart from the teal-white colour scheme, this guy is pretty flexible. (more…)

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