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Here’s something unexpected. A gatling gun kit from Kotobukiya.

Hoihoi-san with her new toy.

Looks like Hoihoi-san is more busier than normal. (more…)

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One day, the SD boys are planning…

Ryu is heading the team.

And Lowe is reluctantly dragged in.  (more…)

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Today, we have something special from a local hobby supplier MGS2U.

A new kit?

Aya is on the scene. (more…)

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Finally got myself the HGUC Jesta kit, also, this will be my entry for B-Mecha’s MVP Figure’s Jesta Group build. This will be the ONLY W.I.P post for this kit. LOL.

She'll be assisting me on this.

Nothing like having a nuclear-powered assistant robot for the job. (am I afraid of the radiation? NOPE! My mobile phone emits more than her)  (more…)

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An earthquake by the magnitude of 9.0 on the Ricther scale has devastated much of the eastern coast of Japan.

Us human look at human news, figures look for figure news.

A both Haruhi and Yoko looks over at ZZKeroro’s blog(more…)

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