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The usual antics my gunplas likes to do.

Asemu picked the wrong place for having aerial hijinks.

TK-401 just caught his first catch of the day. (more…)

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Of panchira, fluffy-time and CHARisma.
(ps. it’s one of those epically long post) m(-_-)m


Before got the chance to counter he got… (more…)

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Run, evade and Sparked.

Mari's in a pinch...

Will she able to escape? (more…)

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Grunts, the ever so “lovable” yet ever-so “brave” attitude that makes them so endearing(?). With a bit of skill and training, they’ll survive longer. But… even so, there’s the ever cocky ones…

Oh boy...

News travel fast… (more…)

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Like I’ve mentioned before, there’ll be an extension of my review of the MSG Mechanics Stand Base so here is.

Double the stand, double the fun.


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