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It was a fine day until…

Uh oh...

Uh oh…

Looks like not so peaceful after all… (more…)

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Every (magical) shrine maiden should have their own base of operation.

One peaceful day, near a flower shop.

One peaceful day, near a flower shop.

Sadly the closes set I can find for her is a flower shop, if not, a sushi bar. (more…)

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One day, Marisa and Mami were discussing on something.

With Marisa tends to “borrow” weapons of others.

Question is, what ARE they planing? (more…)

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Greetings, today is Arcuei… Uh.. I mean Phantasmoon’s review.

It’s magical girl Phantasmoon.

Who would’ve though that she be released in this form. (more…)

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In commemoration with a certain Vocaloid’s birthday, Lunn suggested we do a small figure/model kit gathering at a friend’s place.

Her random-ness with her usual self.

Good question, when?

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