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On a peaceful day, where everyone is relaxing.

Watching a series.

That’s some hardcore stuff… (more…)

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I know it’s a very “late-ish” review, one is that she had a “slight” mishap to her waist joint.

The mischievous black-white.

Marisa is the second Touhou Project character that had been produced in figma form. Her full character information can be found here. (more…)

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Run, evade and Sparked.

Mari's in a pinch...

Will she able to escape? (more…)

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TK401 is lost somewhere after chasing Beside Pain, along the way…


Warning: This post contains excessive dose of beam-spams.


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Guessed who had arrived…

Yep, it's her. Finally...

A special thanks to Tsukinari for the special delivery. =)

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