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Will Ryoma dances to Kos-Mos’s tune?

To him, arm-blades are the norm.

After beating Kouji, Ryoma is about to make his move.  (more…)

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In the previous episode, Kouji is in serious trouble.

Sting, a bit...

That’s quite an understatement… But wait~ Her sensors had detected something. (more…)

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It was a typical day for the dynamic duo…

A mud wall?

Wonder why is Ryoma is so pissed off at Kouji? (note: only the Kotobukiya MSG Stand can support Shin Getter). (more…)

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An earthquake by the magnitude of 9.0 on the Ricther scale has devastated much of the eastern coast of Japan.

Us human look at human news, figures look for figure news.

A both Haruhi and Yoko looks over at ZZKeroro’s blog(more…)

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Presenting, the teacher from the future, Mikuru Asahina. This time its her older self.


So, how is her older version is like. Let’s find out. (more…)

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