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This is part one of the article regarding the RGM 89 Jegan mobile suit.

Between the old, new and variants.

Part one will compare the changes between the  old kit design, the baseline, the Stark-variant and its distant design-relative.   (more…)

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So, how is the HGUC Sinanju if one might asked?

My response: if you like nasty looking MS design, large-sized MS and all things red, Get it.

(Full) Front(al) view.

As you can see, very red, and glossy, even. (more…)

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Like I’ve mentioned before, there’ll be an extension of my review of the MSG Mechanics Stand Base so here is.

Double the stand, double the fun.


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Finally, got my hands on Kotobukiya’s MSG (Modeling Support Goods) Mechanics’ Base stand, from XL-Shop.

Without furthe… Wha?…

Ryoma: Finally, I could cut something~!

Guessed he’s more impatient than me…


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