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As with the new year, let’s start with a new artwork of the high judge Eiki.

Number of rods will multiply exponentially according to a threat.

She likes to “advice” anyone who is about to commit a bad deed and punishes them mercilessly if they did, either by mind-twisting lectures or turned into a pulp with rods of remorse.

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Give Faith~

Suddenly, a wild and bad-ass (YURU)Sanae appeared.

My sketch in pencils.

Next is… (more…)

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Okuu Modes

Normal mode:

She Mad?



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Two of the most elegant ladies squaring of each other. Arcueid Brunestud, from Tsukihime and Yuuka Kazami, from Touhou Project. Note: Yuuka likes to have a light scuffle sometimes, hence her wink of appreciation.

Clash of elegence.

Actually, done this weeks before but forgot to post, neee. ^^;

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Something that I’ve conjured up few weeks ago a sketch, which is now being coloured. So far…

Two very strong creatures.

The true vampire from the visual novel Tsukihime, Arcueid Brunestud squares off with the flower master from Touhou Project’s Yuuka Kazami. Yes, Yuuka IS smiling while trading blows.

Next is to add some lighting and more detailed shading and of course… a background.

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