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One day, Gai followed up a lead on some hidden weapons facility, deep underground.


Before the storm.

What sort of stash or otherwise awaits him… (more…)

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After months of procrastinating/idea searching/blank mind, it’s done. Also, a bit busy hence been inactive.

Front 3/4 profile.

Front 3/4 profile.

And, Utsuho Reiuji-based custom kit is now, complete. Note, this is my first foray in doing painting using Gundam paint markers before I used the (current) spray paint. (more…)

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Ultimate 00Q?

How would have thought that the previous 00 was horrendously overkilling…

Well, not until this came:

Setsuna's ultimate dream machine...

Setsuna: Make it so… *smiles from ear to ear* =)

source: 4chan /m/

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