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Hmm… Not bad, rendered the RGray1 (aka Red Queen) and the T-301 (aka Vic Viper) just now with the MLT settings of Indigo.


Oh… dear… I just noticed that I’ve painted the Vic Viper’s vertical fin a glossy white instead of matte white and… Come to think of it, the RGray1’s red is TOO glossy… OTL

Rendering time: 2 hours and 32 min.

* = Shoot Them-up Game.

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After getting bored of re-building my system (HDD died TT_TT). I did some rendering of R-Gray1 with two different backdrops to test Indigo’s occlusion lighting.

Using a fusion purple based backdrop

Using a monochromatic backdrop (the moon's surface)

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After few hour of tinkering with Sketch Up (to make it work) and a renderer called Indigo,  tried to render the R-Gray1 fighter, and the result is this:

Render with default settings

Indigo renderer:  http://www.indigorenderer.com/

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Weapons testing footage of R-Gray1 using its Lock-On Lasers system:

Firing the Lock-On Lasers

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Here is the pre-rendered form of R-Gray1 with a sample backdrop (which was done entirely in Photoshop 7).

A lone flight in space

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