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Right. After thinking over, I’ve decided on what to buy for myself this month.
Hint: wears an apron and a hat, comes with a broomstick, a slyly smile, blond and “Master Spark”.

Problem is, if its in stock… v_v

All will be revealed in two weeks time. But before that, I’ll let you all hazard a guess. ^^

Kouji: Is it a *claaang* (bashes Kouji)
Me: Now shuush.

Regular programming will continue after this post.


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Oh God… Everywhere I go in most (toy-related) blogs, I see… NENDOS~! Ugu~! X_x
Now Good Smile Company just made these:
K-On fans rejoice and

*thanks to はっちゃか blog for the wonderful reviews (and poisons).
ps. To はっちゃか (if you are reading this): I can’t read your site (I’m kanji-blind, very sorry if I got your name wrong Orz), so I assume that is your name… Sumimasen…

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Its’ a holiday.

Yes, tomorrow’s a public holiday and that usually means… Another round of 4koma making and just lazying around at home… until I get bored and go out for a spin, or a walk.

And also… must structure and write my Jegan review… Orz

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I’m, Back.

Just came back from my outstation duty today. Very tiring… Had to drive 350Km non-stop (after having lunch first, LoL) if not I’ll be stuck behind some pillock of a driver who’s driving slowly (they even make Capt’ Slow looks fast). Now to catch up on I’ve missed (on the ‘Net) and as usual, making another 4koma tomorrow (if I’m not laz… tired).
I can smell it… Overtime pay… (had to work on a public holiday, since the state I’m at DOESN’T celebrate it).

Would have snapped some photos, but it was raining heavily so there’s nothing to snap.

Now, back to our regular programming.

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Short Hiatus

I’ll be offline from the 16th till the 17th due on outstation duty and unfortunately.. the place where I’m stay at has no… Internet connection (NO~!). Ouch. A pain, is it.

Well, luckily I’m bringing along a few season of Top Gear, my collection of songs/BGMs and a portable Photoshop to keep me company.

And no, I’m not bringing any of my figures along as the place is not a type of any resort (more like a small town in a jungle). If it is a resort, I’ll bring them along, but not all so have to draw straws then.

Signing out.

No internet… my mind is already feeling numbed… X_X

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