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It all happened on one fine day…

One day, at a flower shop..

One day, at a flower shop..

Looks like these two are having some disagreement of some sort. (more…)

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Now for something a bit different and my figure ever figure for 2014 and my first SHF series, and this being from the Sailor Moon line. Sailor Mars, aka Rei Hino, the hot-blooded member among the sailor fighters.


Sitting precariously on her display stand

Since this my first ever SHF that I got myself, lets see how it fared up. (more…)

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It was a fine day until…

Uh oh...

Uh oh…

Looks like not so peaceful after all… (more…)

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A deal?

My speculations on Touhou 14’s demo disc cover.



Some say that Reimu is happy enough when she receives a donation, she don’t mind the value. As long it’s a donation.

Note, this is a “shorten” form of the forthcoming interview session with Sakuya Izayoi.

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Every (magical) shrine maiden should have their own base of operation.

One peaceful day, near a flower shop.

One peaceful day, near a flower shop.

Sadly the closes set I can find for her is a flower shop, if not, a sushi bar. (more…)

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