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Time to add a few more to my artwork collection. (more…)

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Final done with this project.


Click for a full view


Reisen is starting up her spell card called [Wave Sign “Mind Shaker”].

When relax, she’s very laid back  but when in combat stance, just make sure you’re ready to receive whatever she shoots from up your  behinds… If you’re lucky, she won’t mess-up your brain’s wavelenghts.

edit: (more…)

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A quicky post. Just finished the lining and do some simple effects.

Protip: Never piss her off (unless you want "IT*" to get in).

Will do the actual colouring and shading next.

*you see those bullets/suppositories? >D

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I have to confess, I’m guilty of playing Touhou Hisouten – Scarlet Weather Rhapsody by Tasofro for too long as Reisen. =)

Reisen Udongein Inaba, a moon rabbit who could shoot bullets/suppository and manipulation of wavelengths.

A partial image of the full picture.

Of course, this is just a pencil sketch. =D

p.s. pissing her off means you’ll go insane (she induces lunacy in others).

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