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From the Gunpla Build Fighter series and obviously planting the seeds of gunpla kit poisons interest, the Build Strike Full Package.


Dropping down, raining destruction from above.

It may look like the previous HG 1/144 Strike kit, but its’ quite different really. (more…)

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Every newly recruited grunt will undergo a mandatory refresher course.

The two new units in a refresher training.

The two new units in a refresher training.

In this case, conducted by two instructors. (more…)

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Here’s something unexpected. A gatling gun kit from Kotobukiya.

Hoihoi-san with her new toy.

Looks like Hoihoi-san is more busier than normal. (more…)

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The usual antics my gunplas likes to do.

Asemu picked the wrong place for having aerial hijinks.

TK-401 just caught his first catch of the day. (more…)

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Making a 4koma using Comipo’s 4koma making software, this.

Note: Yui doesn't really know about Serious Sam. Seriously. XD

It is free but, some functions are limited, like changing the finished image size and making multi-page 4koma. But the effects ARE there to be used.

No, it’s not finished yet. (more…)

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