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This is more of a continuation of my previous post.

The RGM-89 Jegan was possibly the longest running production model that Anaheim Electronics ever developed, spanning from UC0090 until UC0129 (possible end of use).
Note: the Jegan was originally designed by Yutaka Izubuchi (who also designed Patlabor mechas).

Caution: Very Large Image.

Quote from the image (taken from Anaheim Journal pg 48-49):
“GM” lead the Federation Forces to victory in the One Year War. When its direct descendant, RGM-89, rolled out, it was called “The Bottom Line(1) of MS history” by the military commentators.
Still the Federation’s current standard  MS, this model meets all high standards for a modern multipurpose MS such as space superiority, interception, anti-surface attack, war-zone patrol, base defense and ship escort. Also the reliability and cost performance outshines all other models(2). The architechtronics that meets each and every Military Specification by the Federation assures the highest expandability.
Needless to say, Mobile Suit are the fruit of cutting edge technology…

(1) – the last word for general purpose MS development
(2) – from the Earth Federation side, as Anaheim Electronics builds MS for BOTH Earth Federation AND Neo Zeon (as of UC0090) (more…)

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