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In commemoration with a certain Vocaloid’s birthday, Lunn suggested we do a small figure/model kit gathering at a friend’s place.

Her random-ness with her usual self.

Good question, when?


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This time around, Marisa had some company.

Marisa: Ze~! Ze~!

Marisa is doing her “ze~ ze~” pose.  (more…)

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Of panchira, fluffy-time and CHARisma.
(ps. it’s one of those epically long post) m(-_-)m


Before got the chance to counter he got… (more…)

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Of chases, chess and roasted mushrooms.

He still manages to radio in back up.

If one in trouble, call in back up.  (more…)

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Well having a very “onore” two days of fixing Marisa (yes, she’s up and danmaku-ing =D); myself, lunn and zesnake do some outdoor shooting.

Yes folks, she's back.

Who else is there? Read on. (more…)

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