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Having figures like figma, Fraulein, mameshiki, nendo, PVC and other types, sometimes they can get stained by our very hands during handling.

Your hostesses.

So, let’s see on how to clean them up. Do note however, if you feel uncertain, squeamish or doubtful in doing this, then don’t. (more…)

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One day, the SD boys are planning…

Ryu is heading the team.

And Lowe is reluctantly dragged in.  (more…)

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Lets take a brief trip to a kit of yore.

SD Cyber Wing Zero Gundam.

A kit from the late 90’s, in this case its the SD Cyber Wing Zero Gundam. And a very unique SD to boot. (more…)

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So, will Black Rock Shooter manage to shoot the skulls down?

But wait~!

What/who is this?  (more…)

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