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Having figures like figma, Fraulein, mameshiki, nendo, PVC and other types, sometimes they can get stained by our very hands during handling.

Your hostesses.

So, let’s see on how to clean them up. Do note however, if you feel uncertain, squeamish or doubtful in doing this, then don’t. (more…)

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One day, the SD boys are planning…

Ryu is heading the team.

And Lowe is reluctantly dragged in.  (more…)

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Presenting the Model Comprehend (MC Model) SD ExS Gundoom. This here kit is not a Bandai product nor is it official in anyway. Consider this as a fan-made kit, like G-System.

Ryu Roots: Hah! I can shoot faster than you can blink!

And yes, Ryu is rather a brash pilot for this here unit. (more…)

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Now, the last part of the WIP for SD ExS.

The leg assembly.

Yes, this SD had a knee joint. You could cut a bit of the part that blocks it’s rear movement. Note, the yellow part here is the joint for the ankle. You could, in theory, remove some parts that blocks the joint so it can move fore and back. But then, posing still maybe an issue (might get loose, yo~). (more…)

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Continuing from the previous WIP.

The upper torso and head complete. Sort of...

Unlike normal SD kits, this one require more attention and work, such as sanding (lots of it) and a bit of painting.  (more…)

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