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Touhou Starfighters

What if, the characters from the Touhou games, gets to fly their own fighters? This is due to having SketchUp fever… (more…)

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Star Dreadnought

Been experimenting with SketchUp with a hint of Halo-esque elements.  (more…)

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This time (after fixing some “minor” surface issues), the Vic Viper has encountered five drone pods in deep space. Yes, its another rendering post.

One Vic Viper against five enemies, fair enough.

Note that I’ve added the engine glow and star field effect in Photoshop.

Regular posting will resume shortly. =D

edit: added how taxing renderings could be. (more…)

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Hmm… Not bad, rendered the RGray1 (aka Red Queen) and the T-301 (aka Vic Viper) just now with the MLT settings of Indigo.


Oh… dear… I just noticed that I’ve painted the Vic Viper’s vertical fin a glossy white instead of matte white and… Come to think of it, the RGray1’s red is TOO glossy… OTL

Rendering time: 2 hours and 32 min.

* = Shoot Them-up Game.

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Was trying out an idea in SketchUp, so here it is (render with IndigoRenderer):

A random starfighter idea

If you wanted do see how it looks like, here’s the original file, by the way, you need either SkecthUp or SkecthUp viewer (less likely to mess up the file) to open it.

Just click on “Scene 1” if you’re lost in the file while viewing. =D

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