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One day, my Revoltech collection are…

On a relaxing day.

On a relaxing day.

They seem to be relaxing. (more…)

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It would’ve been Titans but they’re not that big (in size).

Is he serious?

Tony, known to be enjoying and fooling around suddenly becomes serious? (more…)

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Ironman irons

Today we’ll see more of Ironman in action.

This is Ironman.

Nothing special, just your typical superhero in a powered-suit. (more…)

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One fine day (when the weather is not raining), Rhodes (aka Warmachine) is taking a stroll.

Hopefully he don't mind the randomness.

Guessed what sort encounters might’ve happen. (more…)

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Now, the last part of the WIP for SD ExS.

The leg assembly.

Yes, this SD had a knee joint. You could cut a bit of the part that blocks it’s rear movement. Note, the yellow part here is the joint for the ankle. You could, in theory, remove some parts that blocks the joint so it can move fore and back. But then, posing still maybe an issue (might get loose, yo~). (more…)

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