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Yes, a (I might emphasize the word “A”) WIP for ZD’s Zeydra (try to say that three times fast) group build.

The runners.

As with most AGE units, this comes to me as pretty colourful for an MS. (more…)

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This will be the first (hopefully NOT the only) WIP post of my first ever MG that I’m building.

This kit was awarded by GK Gundam Kit from a contest that I’ve participated (credit goes to seven6398 for the invitation).

Torso 3/4 view right.

It has been quite some time since I’ve build a larger kit, and that was my PG 1/60 Wing Zero Custom. (more…)

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Now, the last part of the WIP for SD ExS.

The leg assembly.

Yes, this SD had a knee joint. You could cut a bit of the part that blocks it’s rear movement. Note, the yellow part here is the joint for the ankle. You could, in theory, remove some parts that blocks the joint so it can move fore and back. But then, posing still maybe an issue (might get loose, yo~). (more…)

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Continuing from the previous WIP.

The upper torso and head complete. Sort of...

Unlike normal SD kits, this one require more attention and work, such as sanding (lots of it) and a bit of painting.  (more…)

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Today, we have something special from a local hobby supplier MGS2U.

A new kit?

Aya is on the scene. (more…)

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