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During the second period for the grunts’ class.


Norris Packard, ace in MS CQC tactics.

Well, hopefully the guys are ready for him. (more…)

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On one fine day…

Mio and Yui are having a short discussion.

Mio and Yui are having a short discussion.

Looks like they are planning a simple get together. (more…)

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What happens you have nendos and not giving them enough spotlight…

As always, TK-401 does long-ranged patrols.

BARCAP = Barrier Combat Air Patrol, combat-speak. (more…)

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What had happened off-screen.


TK-401 and TC-337 are providing the team AWAC (Advance Warning And Control) support. (more…)

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One fine day…

Remember, always take a break when playing a game. Not for you, but the machine to rest. Azusa is spaced out due being a spectator to them…

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