It all happened on one fine day…

One day, at a flower shop..

One day, at a flower shop..

Looks like these two are having some disagreement of some sort. Continue Reading »

Something from the Stardust Memory series and FINALLY! Took a long time for this kit to be released.

Roaring fast at high speed

Gerbera Tetra is red, machine gun is grey. When Cima barges in, you run

The Gerbera Tetra is actually a GP-04 that was never been made since its’ role overlaps with the more multi-role GP-01/01FB. With that AE sold it to a “prospecting” buyer and gave it a new body work. Continue Reading »

The Double X initially released in 1996 as a 1/144 Non-Grade kit and now… finally, redone properly in High Grade format with improvements all around.

In full business attire

In full business attire

Was it worth the wait? Is it a bomb?

The wait, yes. A bomb? Not in any way. Continue Reading »

Now for something a bit different and my figure ever figure for 2014 and my first SHF series, and this being from the Sailor Moon line. Sailor Mars, aka Rei Hino, the hot-blooded member among the sailor fighters.


Sitting precariously on her display stand

Since this my first ever SHF that I got myself, lets see how it fared up. Continue Reading »

From the Gunpla Build Fighter series and obviously planting the seeds of gunpla kit poisons interest, the Build Strike Full Package.


Dropping down, raining destruction from above.

It may look like the previous HG 1/144 Strike kit, but its’ quite different really. Continue Reading »


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